Monday, April 14, 2008

What does this Princess Warrior chick "look like" anyway?

Who is a Princess Warrior for Christ?

Are you?

By Carol Van Atta

Every woman who believes and belongs to Jesus Christ is a Priceless Princess and a Worthy Warrior.

She understands that she has been created for good works and her identity is found in Christ, not in the ways of the world.

Her heart beats only for her One True King – Jesus. When she is tempted to look elsewhere for love and approval, which sometimes happens, she repents and returns to her First Love, the only Source of true love, approval, and inner joy. She knows even a godly husband cannot meet all her needs, nor can she meet all his…but God can.

A Princess Warrior loves others as she loves herself and desires to serve rather than be served. Like Jesus, she is eager to wash the feet of another, trusting that her King will provide the personal care she needs in her own life.

She is quick to see the good in others and examines her own shortcomings with an open mind, allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse her from any secret, hidden, hurts in her own heart. Knowing she needs help from others and can do nothing by her power alone, a true princess warrior reaches out to her royal sisterhood and other warriors in God’s Kingdom for help and support. She, too, extends truth, love, grace, and hope to those in her midst.

A Princess Warrior understands nothing can separate her from the love of God found in Christ Jesus her Lord and King. She lives her life seeking to share this knowledge and His gift of eternal life with others lost in the shadows and lies of her Kingdom’s sworn enemy. If she must, she is willing to lay down her life for the life of a friend, and will ask God to help her love her enemies and pray for their salvation.

She fights the good fight of faith and through all suffering she keeps her eyes focused on the Author and Perfecter of her faith – Jesus Christ – knowing someday all evil will be banished and her King will rule and reign for eternity.

The position of Princess Warrior is open to any woman desiring to serve the King of the Universe. This King continues to seek imperfect women for His royal court. He has more than enough love, crowns (and swords) to go around. There are many rooms available in His Heavenly mansions, perfectly prepared for all His royal Princess Warriors. All who are interested in becoming a Princess Warrior: simply reach up to Christ; accept His gift of love, and a position of everlasting royalty. What are you waiting for?
Ladies ... don't panic. I already can hear those panicked thoughts roaring through your mind like a category 35 (okay, I'm exaggerating) hurricane. Those same thoughts that attack us when we read about the Proverbs 31 Woman. Although, the above characteristics demonstrate a godly woman's character, can I simply say ... you won't get them all "right." This isn't a test. You don't have to be "good enough" you just have to love God and invite Jesus to reign in your heart and over your life. And, yes, as He transforms you from glory to glory and you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, you will indeed discover that you begin to behave more and more like the Princess Warrior you were called and created to be.
But, let me again remind you, if this was about being the perfect "church lady," I would not be here. Amen! Can anyone give me a Hallelujah Moment?!?
So, relax and rest in the knowledge that if you belong to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, you do have a hope and a future. In fact, go to your Bible right now and read Jeremiah 29:11.
Until next time, may God bless you and keep you. And, please, ladies, don't forget to laugh!

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