Sunday, April 27, 2008

This little light of mine ... let it shine, let it shine!

"One evening, a young child, Robert Louis Stevenson, author of books such as Treasure Island, was looking out the front window of his house fascinated by the lamplighter coming down the street, lighting the old fashioned gas street lamps. He called to his Nana, "Nana! Come quickly! There’s a man coming down the street punching holes in the darkness!"

As Princess Warriors for Christ, reigning real is about carrying the light of Christ to those around us. The world (as if you hadn't noticed) can at times be a very dark, dismal place. With people lurking in the shadows of their sin, hopelessness seems to prevail.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we, as daughters of the King, allow ourselves to be drug into the dungeon of doubt and find ourselves stumbling in the darkness. Oh, dear friends, may this not be, for we are children of light, God's light. We are to shine brightly as a lamp on the hillside for all to see.

As warriors it is part of our palace protocol to "punch some holes" in the darkness. Amen!

Go on ... don't be afraid. Walk into your destiny as a Light Bearer in this dimming world.

Some tips for shining your brightest:
1. Speak with kindness no matter how tempted you are to blast someone with harsh words.
2. Seek forgiveness, quickly, when you cause harm. (Yes, we all still cause harm on occasion)
3. Speak God's Word to combat the devil's lies (those icky thoughts that seem to roar through your mind like a tropical storm telling you how worthless and "bad" you still are)
4. Set an example by how you act. Ask yourself, "Am I behaving like a daughter of the Most High God?" If not, adjust your actions, after all, people are watching.
5. Share your faith whenever possible. Let others know why you shine so brightly. For when you are reigning real those around you are sure to notice and wonder what sets you apart. Just a thought ... we're so quick to share our favorite TV shows, cosmetics, and American Idol contestants.

Are we as eager to share about Jesus?

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