Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God's Girls: Graceful not Garish

Oh, ladies; I'm not sure where to start with this message. So, I'll start with what triggered the writing of this entry.

I logged onto my email and was surprised (and a bit perplexed) by the lead in to a story ... Too sexy for the pumpkin patch. That's right. A story about a couple who was kicked out of the pumpkin patch for getting overly frisky amongst the future Jack-o-Lanterns, and  amongst the crowd of kids and parents, who turned out expecting some clean fall fun, not a full blown strip tease fiasco. If you're curious, I'll provide a link at the end of this story. You'll want to open it without children present.

Although, like me, you may have already caught wind (or an eyeful) of the trashy escapade. If not, let me provide a brief summary with my own commentary.

I know. I  might sound a little rude. But truthfully, the whole thing breaks my heart.

A sixteen (now 17?) year old girl and her 51 year old husband are frolicking and photographing their obviously pre-planned attention-getting outing. Being an inquisitive reader, I did more than glance at the photos, I read the torrid tale, and learned that this oddly matched couple, with the approval of the girl's mother, married and are trying to peddle their pornographic behavior as another reality TV show. Yes, another one.

Mom spouts off at the negative comments they're receiving by saying that all the women are simply jealous of her daughter's beauty. Granted, she's a pretty girl. Catch that? A girl. A kid. A teen. A teenager with a ton of make up and very little clothing publicly preening and posing and making out with her much (much, much, much) older husband.

What makes this so maddening and saddening is the fact that this gal is promoting herself as the "All American" good girl. Her mother made sure to state, for the record, that her daughter is a good Christian girl who remained a virgin until her wedding night. In addition, this girl Tweets/Twitters, to 47,000 plus followers, about very sexually charged topics along with Bible quotes ... all in the same tweets.

Call me a prissy prude, but I'm just not comfortable with a this girl publicly proclaiming Christ and then using her sexuality in such a blatant and garish way. How can this possibly line up with God's Word? It can't.

Remember 1 Peter 3: 3-4 says:

Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

Another scripture talks about how ultimately outward beauty will fail. We will all age and change. Our lasting beauty comes from within.

This sad spectacle is wrong on so many levels. I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to see their daughter parading around in what this girl is parading around in, not to mention, having her pictures splashed across every web browser and tabloid paper in the nation. I believe the adults in her life are using this girl's hunger for fame and fortune to fuel their own misguided agendas. And then to slap a label on the whole thing and say its all okay because she's a "Christian."

Deep breath. (I'm saying that to me, but you can join me if you like)

What should we do about stuff like this?

As Princess Warriors, let us remember our roles. We are to be godly and graceful (grace-filled too) not gaudy and garish. And we have a lot of work to do in order to combat what young girls and women see in the media and in the halls of their schools everyday. We may see the destruction in this pumpkin-patch-girl's life, but others, who don't know better, see a possible path to success, and sadly, a way to achieve attention, adoration, and opportunity.

It's up to us, Princess Warriors, to show others just how exciting, fulfilling, and, most importantly, a life-saving a relationship with Christ can be. So, when you have to head the pumpkin patch, or any other event this fall, leave your daisy dukes and go-go boots behind (maybe it's time to toss them?) and put on God's goodness and grace instead.

And consider some simple steps for representing Christ:

1. Smile
2. Be friendly
3. Pray (if you see a bikini clad woman in the pumpkin patch, pray for her)
4. Dress appropriately (no, not like a fuddy-duddy, but with your Princess Warrior role in mind)
5. Have judgement free conversations with the younger women/girls in your life. Ask age-appropriate questions about their views of success, and if appropriate, their thoughts on our sex-saturated society. Listen. Ask open-ended questions that don't require a yes or no answer. And listen some more. 
6. Consider mentoring a teen or younger woman. Share your experiences and values. Most importantly, just be there and share your time and love.  
7. Always be prepared to answer questions about your faith. Many people see others  (like our pumpkin girl) publicly proclaiming their Christianity but actually living for the enemy. Know in advance how you'll handle these types of conversations with grace and goodwill.

Let us be the lights in the darkness (and in the pumpkin patch too). Keep reigning real!

CAUTION NOT FOR YOUNG EYES/link to story and photos: http://www.thesuperficial.com/courtney-stodden-pumpkin-patch-kicked-out-10-2011/courtney-stodden-pumpkin-patch-1024-12