Monday, November 5, 2012

What's New: Prayer Requests

My blog is going to be expanding in the days and weeks ahead. It will become more like a website. The blog page will remain with inspirational and encouraging articles, and include news and and updates from time to time. That will continue to be the main focus. 

In addition, there will be information about my ministry and speaking, and my writing ventures and books. Right now, if you click on the new buttons below the page heading (which has also been updated) you'll see that nothing amazing has been added. I'm simply laying the foundation for what's to come. 

However the one page that is now open and active is the PRAYER REQUEST PAGE. Please post your prayer requests by using the comment sections. Respond to prayer requests, with prayer and encouragement. I will monitor everything before it goes live, keeping any unfriendly comments away. This is a safe site. Your prayers and thoughts are precious and valued. If you respond to a prayer request, your comment should be uplifting, encouraging, and include a prayer. 

Or ... check the prayer request page, and pray. There is no need to comment if you don't want to. I will put up the first prayer and break in the new page. 

Remember the best way to fight and win our battles, is on our knees in prayer. Amen!

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