Thursday, April 24, 2008

On my knees again

Blessings, Princess Warriors!

Every day we have so many choices to make and challenges to face. As daughters of the King, we will always be given the opportunity to act in love, or to serve ourselves.

For me, throughout the day, I can get so caught up in the many battles demanding to "be fought" that I fail to remember that by my own limited power I am unable to accomplish as much as I am with God's unlimited power.

Remember ...

A Warrior for Christ, is not a lone ranger, attempting to manage everything alone. And why would we want to go it alone? We have God's Word to guide us; Jesus' footsteps to follow; The Holy Spirit to empower us. Not a bad combination!

So, maybe it's time for you, right now, this moment, to simply bow your head, drop to your knees, or, perhaps, even fall on your face in prayer. Right now! Right?

After all, when our car's gas gauge reads empty, we pull over and fill it up. When the bedside lamp stops shining, we make sure it's plugged in. When that family pet acts cranky, we put food in the food dish. You get the picture! So, why do we wait so long when our spiritual tanks are running on empty? I mean we let the warning light come on, stay on, and we just keep trudging on wondering why "things" like loving others are so hard. Hummmm ....

It is truly impossible to accomplish what needs to be accomplished without daily doses of God's love, grace, truth, and power. Thankfully, His touch is always enough. For fueling up in prayer moves our faith-gauge into the upright position. No more flashing light screaming for attention.

Oh ... prayer is free! Christ already paid the price! So, our Power Source will never run dry or cost $5.00 a gallon. Amen!

Don't wait: PRAY!

P: Put on the Armor ... the Belt goes first

R: Refuse fear fatalities

A: Aim the Arrow of Love

Y: Yield to the King

(watch for more about prayer)

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