Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tiaras and tennis shoes

I know, I know. You're still waiting for the fourth installment of Reigning Real from your Throne. I promise; it's "in process." It must be inspired, though. And, quite frankly, I need time. That terrible "T" word ... ahhhhh.

However, as I was preparing to head to bed, I heard something very disturbing from the TV in the family room. The broadcaster was talking about a growing trend among teens. This so-called trend involves teenagers (and tweens) sending naked photos to others via cell phones and My Space.

Ladies, how can we help young girls embrace their true and precious identities as daughters of the King of Kings? How can we help them understand their worth in light of God's Word?

There is a battle raging for the hearts and minds of every young girl. This is a blatant, front line assault that is directed at their desires to "fit in," to be loved, accepted, and approved of. These desires don't simply disappear when we hit age eighteen, do they? Go on, tell the truth!

Unfortunately, without an understanding and acceptance of our identities in Christ, we will continue to search for that elusive person, place, or thing to "fix" and "fill" us. You're probably wondering how I know this. Let's just say I've acquired a wealth of information in this area. Maybe you have, too.

Consider some of the messages high school girls tune in to via radio, TV, Internet, other kids, and, well, everywhere. Just turn on a music video and these seductive messages are acted out for the world to see, enticing our youth to trade their purity for poverty of spirit.

Buy this dress and you'll be "hot."

Learn to dance like a seasoned stripper and you'll be the queen (trash queen) of the prom.

Do this sexual act and everyone will think your cool, sexy, daring ...

Everyone's doing it. Don't be a prude.

Look at the divorce rate, why wait?

You've gotta show some skin to get attention and approval like the hotties in those music videos.

And what about THIS ...

Another technique boys are using to look, and girls are using to show, is "fashion show" at the mall. With all the lingerie shops and risque clothing stores, all boys have to do is take a seat, prop up their legs, and watch their own personal porno presentation. Girls, hungry for approval, prance around half-clothed (or less) right in front of their school mates. According to retailers, there is nothing they can do about this. You've got to be kidding me?!

But, ladies, we can do something.

The best way to demonstrate just how much God values women is to review the lives of biblical women. God uses women all through scripture to perform mighty deeds and change the world's destiny. We have great power as women. We can use this power to honor God or dishonor ourselves and Him in the process. I don't think I have to tell you what's best.

I want to challenge you too take a long, close look in the mirror. What example are you setting for your own daughter, her friends, or other young women who are watching your example? Believe me; whether or not you are aware of it -- you are an example to someone, somewhere.

Back to that not-so-comfortable scenario at the clothing store ... in the article that I was reading, a concerned woman, who was watching the boys ooh and ah over this girl in lingerie, approached the group and explained what they were doing was wrong. The boys, sadly, mouthed off and told her to mind her own business and gave the ever-popular "your not my mom" response. The girl, however, who had appeared embarrassed and pressured from the start, gratefully fled to the fitting room and came out fully clothed. This strange woman gently informed this misguided princess that she didn't need to bare her body for boys to like her. The woman went on the tell her she was a precious creation and that God had plans and a future for her.

Ladies, as Princess Warriors for Christ, reigning real involves risk. As any leader, we have a duty to help others, to love others. Sometimes "loving" involves doing things that society might consider narrow-minded, silly, and prude. It is good for us to remember that our approval doesn't come from the world, oh, no, it comes from God. I'm going to say that again: Our approval comes from God. His opinion matters. Ultimately, ladies, we report to Him.

Let's do something! Let's help these young princesses discover their destinies, because, personally, I'd like to see a whole bunch of tiaras and tennis shoes marching proudly as Christian Soldiers ... if you know what I mean.


Monkey Giggles said...

Thank you for your advice. I could not find your email address on your site. I would love to email you.

Tony Hammack said...

I love your wisdom on the area of finding our identity in Christ. I worked as a youth pastor for many years and saw how some of the young ladies were vulnerable because they were looking for male affirmation from anyone that would give it. Often, as you know, this is an expensive journey. Wouldn't it be so much easier if our Christian fathers did the right things with their daughters and the girls would press into the presence of the father to receive their affirmation. Keep up the good work.

Shari said...

I have 4 daughters so I'm very concerned about this whole issue concerning modesty. We talk openly about it, because there is such an obvious strong message being thrown at my daughters from everywhere. It's so sad to see some of the girls in entertainment switching to the sexy look.

Birdie said...

Amen! You know, somehow I lost yor blog as in I forgot to add it to my favorites after I featured it as my Blog of the Day. The Lord brougth it back to my mind yesterday and I had to search through my own blog to find you *laugh* You're firmly in my favorites folder so I shall meet you here every day.
I loved this post too. Thank the Lord my daughter's not into any of the popular things like High School Musical or Hannah Montana etc...and she rarely watches TV. I feel this gives her a great advantage. She's her own person and knows that the Lord loves her. Great words of wisdom.
Did you happen to see the Disney sign of the child in her bra & =panty set with Michkey & Minnie puppets on her hands?It was a disgrace. I believe the article said they pulled the billboard which was in Japan if my mind doesn't fail me.