Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reigning Real from your Throne: Part III

Reigning Real: Part Three: Becoming a Princess Warrior for Christ
Written by Carol Van Atta

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15 NIV)

As we read, in the last two Reigning Real selections … the unnamed princess opened the fallen scroll and discovered a detailed catalog of God’s specific gifts for His Princess Warriors. (Read Reigning Real Parts I & 2 for details) On her List of Gifts from Jesus, immediately following resources, she discovered the next gift, friendship … friendship with her King, her Maker, her God.

I read somewhere, once, that a friend is someone who comes when everyone else goes away. A friend comes when everyone else goes away…wow.

I hate to admit, years ago, when I lived as a prideful, pitiful, pauper far away from the King’s Palace, I thought I had an array of fine friends. People were constantly (or so I thought) clamoring for my attention and friendship. There was never a dull moment around my home. The party started and just kept going for hours, days, and at times, weeks. Yet, something odd happened when I was down and out, without money, and with vanishing resources … these so-called well-wishers disappeared as fast as they’d arrived.

According to the above description of a friend, the people who surrounded me were quite unfriendly. When everyone else went away, they followed them right out of the door and out of my life. In fact, they were just using me. Sadly, I did the same to others. If you had something I wanted, well, then, I wanted you.

This petty substitute for true friendship left me empty and yearning for something more, for someone who really cared about “the real me” inside, the — me — I hid because I was afraid no one would like her.

Why should they like her, like me? I certainly didn’t.

Thankfully, there was One who saw the potential inside my broken heart. My inability to form true and lasting friendships hadn’t just happened because I was a mean and nasty person. No. I’d been wounded, betrayed, and told on more than a few occasions that I was worthless and unlovable. Messages such as these, no matter how untrue, stick to us like permanent glue. Without help and unconditional love from another caring person, we can remain stuck for extended periods of time. For me, that much-needed help came slowly, with a few strategically placed people who loved me enough to point me to the One who could really befriend me, Jesus.

When I finally bowed at the Throne of Grace, I was met by the Best Friend anyone could possibly have — our Lord and Savior — Jesus Christ. His love washed over me like a refreshing fountain, cleansing me entirely, from my head to my toes. By the time He had completed that initial sin-washing, I felt like a brand new creation. I was brand new.

Christ is our perfect example of friendship. He loved when others hated. He loved when He was betrayed. He loved when He was forsaken. He loved like His Heavenly Father loved Him, with an everlasting, unceasing, and eternal love. When we read His Holy Guidebook and pattern our relationships after His, we can become the friends we were created to be. We can become His loving hands extended to an often hurting and hopeless world full of people who are clueless about friendship.

Part of our job description as a Princess Warrior for Christ is not only to develop a deeper more abiding relationship with our best friend of all, our King, but with those who reside within the castle walls. We are also to be an example of love to those who are still living like paupers, not yet aware of the royal heritage available to them in Christ.

How can we do this in practical ways, in a world where people are, well, often times, they’re downright rude and crude? Rather than lashing back with worldly hatred, we are to live like the royalty we are. This need not be a complicated or frustrating chore. Rather, this new way of living is proving to be a joy for me and the other Princess Warriors that I know. There may be times of difficulty, but the good far outweighs the bad, and loving others is not an option, no, it’s one of Christ’s New Testament requirements.

Let us reign real today by:

· Smiling and greeting everyone in our path with a positive and friendly word or comment.

· Going above and beyond our personal comfort zone to help a sister in need. Can I get that door for you? May I carry your groceries, while you take your baby? You get the picture!

· Turning the other cheek when someone attempts to stir up trouble. Yes, even as daughters of the King, we can still be pretty petty at times. Do not participate. Speak love, or do not speak at all.

· Giving an encouraging word to everyone you have a conversation with today. Each day, we have opportunities to share a positive idea, and point someone to Scripture.

· Offering to pray…right now. Not the, “I’ll be praying for you. Bye now.” Oh no! Pray now! Can I pray for you right now, right here? May I rest my hand on your shoulder as we pray together? Something powerful happens when we pray together. God’s Word tells us where two or more or gathered, He’s in their midst. Let’s pray.

· Listening with Love to those who trust us enough to share their problems and concerns. Sometimes we’re just too eager to give feedback and advice. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is simply be quiet and listen.

By implementing just one of the above friendship-growing-suggestions, you will create positive feelings in at least three hearts…the other person’s heart, your own, and God’s. Likely, even more people will benefit. For when we are living like godly, Princess Warriors for Christ, and reaching out to others in love, extending His friendship through our actions, a domino affect takes place. One blessing turns into another, into another, and another…
God gives His daughters good gifts, it’s up to us to open them, and share them.


Birdie said...

'kay you're my blog o' the day as of right NOW! I'm in love! I'm coming here every day. What a blessing! THis is what I pray for my daughter every day - that's she'd be a warrior for God. She's already His princess and I tell her so yet she always asks me if she's really a princess (her mind is still being renewed like the rest of us). She's take it in one day fully I'm praying. Lovely devotional inspiration blog my sister!

Birdie said...

p.s. you're my blog o' the day!