Monday, October 27, 2008

What side are you feeding? Battle Ready or not?

AN ESKIMO FISHERMAN CAME to town every Saturday afternoon. He always brought his two dogs with him. One was white and the other was black. He had taught them to fight on command. Every Saturday afternoon in the town square the people would gather and these two dogs would fight and the fisherman would take bets.

On one Saturday the black dog would win; another Saturday, the white dog would win—but the fisherman always won! His friend began to ask him how he did it. He said, "I starve one and feed the other. The one I feed always wins because he stronger."

This story about the two dogs is apt because it tells us something about the inner warfare that comes into the life of a person who is born again. We have two natures within us, both struggling for mastery. Which one will dominate us? It depends on which one we feed. If we feed our spiritual lives and allow the Holy Spirit to empower us, we will win. " (Billy Graham. The Holy Spirit. Dallas: Word Publishing, 1988, pp. 92-93).

Ladies, If we expect to stand strong in today's world, it is imperative that we feed our souls with what is good and from God. I can tell you that at times, I struggle with this. For example, reading a certain popular vampire series then finding myself hungry for an exciting otherworldly romance isn't feeding the "right" side. I just don't think that God would be cheering for that relationship (if it it was even possible) but you know what I mean.

Maybe you read romance novels, watch R-rated movies, spend time focussing on your angry side, obsessing over a relationship, you fill in the blank ... we could go on and on. My point: there is a ton of stuff in our world that we can think about and spend our time on. If this stuff does not glorify God, who does it glorify? I suspect you know the answer to that question. Satan.

I promise you, when you spend time, daily, with God, in His Word, singing His praises, and living a lifestyle that is in line with His commandments, you will have the needed strength to stand strong in the battles life (and the devil) brings. But, if you have wasted your time caught up on feeding your mind with soap operas, that certain TV series, those not-so-uplifting books, eventually, you will discover that you have drifted from your King and are lacking the supernatural power needed to face trials and tribulations.

So, what do you say, ladies? Shall we feed the right side? After all, as the above story so dramatically explains -- the side we feed is the side that wins.

Let's be winners for Christ.

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