Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fix My Heart ... it's Damaged

Before you read any further, follow the above link to YouTube and listen to the song. The lyrics are the only thing you'll see accompanying the song. Then come back!

Have you ever had a broken heart? Yes, I know, it's a rhetorical question; considering at some point we've all suffered a broken heart -- most of us more than one. Unfortunately, after the fall of Adam and Eve, relationships have never been the way God intended, and, today, our world has skewed male/female relationships to the point they're becoming unrecognizable.

As a teenager, when I was in the height of my addictive behaviors, I thought the institution of marriage was a joke. I was all about free love and lived by the "if it feels good do it" motto. I wasn't alone, either. It wasn't difficult to find others who shared my distorted view of reality and relationships.

The idea of getting and staying married to one person seemed outdated, boring, and simply impossible. After all, what if you got bored? Yes, I really had such thoughts. As you can probably imagine, my relationship choices were pretty unhealthy and the results of these relationships were often heart shattering.

Let me just say, without giving my entire testimony, there were some situations in my young life that led me to believe that I was worthless, useless, and hopeless. I had a huge hole in my heart that was hungry for love, attention, acceptance, and approval. I wanted to be the coolest, prettiest, most popular, and most intriguing girl around. In order to gain friends (mostly boyfriends) I did some things that went against my values and beliefs. Eventually, my values and beliefs changed drastically to support my actions. Sin is like that. Over time, we harden our hearts, and the abnormal becomes normal.

My heart was damaged. I tried many remedies to patch it up. Maybe you can relate?

Food, stuff, boyfriends and later men, drugs, thrill seeking, the occult, anything that might provide an escape or pleasurable experience became my solutions to heart hunger. Nothing filled me up. Happiness always remained elusive and out of reach. The harder I tried to find the magic "it" whatever it might be, the worse I felt.

I believe that we all hunger and thirst for SOMETHING, something more. Unfortunately, the things that the world, via the media, serves up to feed our appetites will cause us severe indigestion, and, ultimately, lead to hearts that need fixing.

In the song above, Damaged, the women singing are pleading for someone to "fix it, fix it, fix it ..." Sadly, they are simply looking for another man to bandage their hearts. How many bandages and "fixes" can one heart take? At some point, the pain gets to be to much and nothing of this world can repair it.

Thankfully, as Princess Warriors for Christ, we have the ultimate Physician and Heart Healer in our lives. He stands ready to make us brand new. Jesus doesn't save us then slap a few Band Aids on our hearts. Oh, no! He performs surgery on our souls. If we let Him.

That's the beauty of our King. He's not a ruthless ruler. He is all-powerful, yet He is loving. We can choose to climb on the gurney ... or not.

Precious Princesses, we have so much to accomplish for His Kingdom. If we continue to seek man-made remedies to fix our soul sicknesses, we will end up helpless in the face of evil. We are in a spiritual war where every believer -- man, woman, and child -- must learn to reign real, brandishing truth and grace. If we're too wounded to even walk in righteousness, how can we possibly fight the good fight of faith?

If we're still waiting for a man or relationship to "fix us" and fill us up, we're in serious trouble. Please, sisters, allow the only One with the power to save serve as your Savior. Jesus is mighty to save. He is the only Source of fulfillment that will truly sustain us.

Let's throw off the sin that so easily entangles us and accept God's healing and hope.

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Please, go watch the video below. There is Someone who is mighty to save and who will heal your broken heart. Just let Him.

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