Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Set Apart as Princess Warriors. Are you?

Suburban Pole Dancing…or Holiness?
By Carol Van Atta

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory."

When middle-aged moms trade their makeup parties and Pampered Chef classes for pole dancing, God's glory is definitely not the primary agenda. Okay, I have to admit, if my body was a bit more bendable, I can see where dancing around, and goofing off with friends in the comfort of your own home wouldn't be such a horrible thing. But pole dancing? Yes, there was a big article about Suburban Pole Dancers on AOL awhile ago. I'm not kidding!

Picture this: You've invited your neighbors and girlfriends over for an evening get together. You tell them it's going to be more daring than a lingerie party, but not quite over the edge.
You sit chit-chatting about soccer games, Little League practice, and the weather, when without warning, the front door bursts open to reveal a scantily-clad, middle-aged woman. She teeters in on heels taller than the Empire State Building.

"Girls, are you ready to move those hips?" She sashays to the center of your room and whips out what looks like an oversized shower rod from her bag. With a precise twist and a quick turn, the rod becomes a portable pole like dancers swing around in those hoochie mama places we hope and pray our husbands, sons, and daughters never frequent.

She opens a large suitcase and displays a number of high heels just like her own. These feather-covered, rhinestone pumps look like something you wore way back when. So far back you can't quite remember anything but how uncomfortable they were. Ouch! Please don't make me put them on. Actually, they're for sale. Your pole dancing "instructor" wants to make sure you have every opportunity to take home a pair of your own sexy stilettos, not to mention, the portable poles (really) she has available for $450 and up. After all, you'll want to continue your pole dancing in your own home so your children can watch you rather than argue about MTV. Why worry about provocative music videos? They've got their very own suburban pole dancer — mom.

Your instructor spends the evening teaching your group how to bump, grind, twist, and shimmy around a pole just like a seasoned stripper. Now, granted, most of the women have a few extra bulges and bumps that most exotic dancers haven't yet earned, but who cares, you've now got "the right moves." Right?

Now imagine; you're married. Your husband promised to stay downstairs with the kids during your little get-together. But, hey, who listens, especially when food calls ... and when he hears that bump and grind music coming from the living room? What man wouldn't be curious? So, with your six year old son on his shoulders, he makes an appearance only to be met with your sexiest neighbor, bent backwards, legs straddled around the pole. Ooops! Can anyone say temptation, lust, embarrassment, close your eyes, son and husband?

I guess what I'm trying to say is -- we are to live differently than the world.

What kind of example are we setting to others, and our families, if we choose to participate in party-pole-dancing? The Internet makes this practice sound like the ultimate, safe, suburban escape. In fact, it promotes how you can use your new techniques to entice your husband. Now, I'm all for keeping the spice of life in a marriage, but, really, I can't imagine Jesus and the heavenly hosts all applauding while we slide down a strippers' pole, even for our hubbies. I guess holiness is becoming even more passé.

Am I a prude? No. Is God? Of course not. He invented sex within a marriage covenant to be enjoyed. But, when we start imitating the world, we end up with what the world's got -- a big, sinful mess.

Do I want my ten-year-old daughter pole dancing? Silly question. After all, what I do effects what she does. How can we promote purity and sex after marriage when everything and everyone around us is pushing for more sexuality, more erotic dancing, more, more, more?

Just recently, I read an article about a school that had to ban "dirty dancing." The new form of dirty dancing completely mimics sex on the dance floor. Music videos showcase gorgeous women flaunting their EVERYTHING, while men eyeball their assets like a slab of meat at the butcher's shop.

Friends, we must stand for our families. Please, pray and refuse to participate in suburbia's latest party craze, or any other actions that don't reflect God's glory. Share your concerns with others. It's not about us, it's about God.

I suspect if I could get my body to swing around a pole it might be kind of amusing, however, it is not something that would bring glory to my King. It is not something a Princess Warrior for Christ would indulge in. There are so many crucial things we could be spending our time doing. We can still have a fanfare of fun without making it a sin fair.

Today, choose to live in a way that is pleasing to God. Let us act in a becoming manner that brings blessings not curses.

Although we live in the world, we are to be set a part. Why not take a moment to ask God what areas you're slacking in. What areas have you allowed the worldview to become your view? Is it time for a spiritual check up? Get the manual (Bible) out and see what God has to say. You'll be glad you did.

SUGGESTION: If you want to have an in-home dance class, there are some great worship-dance classes that honor God and are fun, too. You don't have to shake your bum to have fun. Instead, give glory to the King!

Check out my article on healthy, God-approved sex at Campus Crusade for Christ's onling magazine: Christian Women Today.

Don't worry, we'll get back to masks next. I thought this was a good lead up to Removing the Seductive Mask.

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