Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving out of the Shadows: Speaking Boldly

As Christian women who have embraced the title - Princess Warrior - it is imperative that we learn to step out of the shadows and confidently claim who we belong to. It's not enough to simply socialize with each other. Yet, for many of women, speaking up and speaking out may cause some discomfort, even fear. Talking in front of others, especially a crowd, has been statistically proven to be one of the biggest fears people (both men and women) face. So, if you're afraid; you're not alone.

HOWEVER (that's a big however) we cannot use our fear to avoid sharing about our Heavenly King and his plan of salvation. Although we are gifted in specific areas, God asks all of us to go out and make disciples of all nations. For many people, we truly are the only Bible they will read.

So, how do we overcome our fear and as Nike put it: Just Do It!?

Well, we just do it. Seriously, though, it is our responsibility, as heiresses of the King of the Universe, to tell others about Him. His ways. His plan. His purpose. His grace. His forgiveness. His truth. I know. I know. That whole truth thing can be kind of scary, especially, the whole hell and devil thing. So often, today, we pitter patter around and talk only of God's love, which is great. The only problem is if a person doesn't see a need for salvation, they aren't likely to invite Jesus into their lives. Recognizing they have a sin issue, and a not-so-pleasant future without Him, must often take place before someone will accept the Savior.

I always believed in God. In fact, the Bible tells us that even the demons from hell believe and tremble. It's what we do with that information. Without a knowledge of our sin, it is difficult to see any need to be saved.

As Princess Warriors, our Guide Book instructs us to be ready on any occasion to give an account of our faith. We are to prepare ourselves for such discussions. The Holy Spirit will do the rest if we step out and open our mouths. I can't tell you how many times that I've missed out on spiritual conversations simply because of discomfort. I just kept my usually talkative mouth clamped shut while an opportunity walked right by never to return. Ouch! What a horrible feeling to miss a divine appointment.

No more! Today, I've made every effort to arm myself with the right tools for ministry. In my case, I am a public speaker. I understand not every woman reading this will run out and start speaking for retreats and conferences. That's okay! But, by golly, we all better be ready step out from the shadows of our fear and share the gospel if the opportunity arises. We can't afford to let our discomfort dictate our actions. We have to allow God to give us the courage we need to share with others. I promise, over time, it gets easier and less frightening. You might, like me and many others, find out you enjoy speaking.

Believe it or not, there are some low-cost, practical programs that can help you develop better communication and speaking skills. Many churches have programs for helping people develop in this area. I've joined a worldwide, non-profit organization called Toast Masters. It is so much fun and I've met many great people in this program. You should have a local chapter in your area. If you're a little competitive, they even have speaking competitions. Don't worry! You don't have to compete in anything. Go and learn. You'll be surprised.

There's also a website/ministry that is totally dedicated to sharing the gospel message. I completed their awesome book (it's a big book, too!) called The School of Biblical Evangelism.

Ultimately, if we want to spread the Good News, God will open the doors and the people will come. I challenge you to pray for new opportunities to speak boldly on your King's behalf. After all, the stakes are huge: Heaven or hell. Let's do all we can to help the people God places in our path discover the hope and future that's available in Christ.

Just for Today:

Smile at everyone you see.

Greet strangers randomly.

Find ways to bring up Jesus in conversation.

Be ready to explain why you're joy-filled when the economy is at its worst; when our nation is at war; when you have personal issues that are overwhelming; when the political scene is a major mess ... so on and so on and so on. Just start talking. People will listen.

Remember: We were all created for such a time as this.


Kimberly said...

Amen... Praise God!

Check out by Focus on the Family.

Our church has a class/study going on it now. It's very eye opening.

Mrs.P said...

Amen!! Thanks for your wisdom.