Monday, November 3, 2008

Pampered Princess: Stop Judging Others!

Do you ever find yourself feeling a bit "better than" those other worldly people? After all, we're Christian royalty, right? Well, Christ is the "royalist" of all the royalty and he spends more time serving than being served. Unlike the religious teachers of His time, He was comfortable in the presence of everyone. Can we say the same? I know that often times I fall short in this area.

In relation to this topic, I found the following little illustration and wanted to share it with you. I hope it serves as good reminder to not judge a book by its cover. God is the only one who can see our hearts. As Princess Warriors for Christ, we best be loving rather than judging. Amen!?

"Judging Books! (10.20.05--That Person!--Esther 3:5-6) The other day, a Jehovah's’s witness came to my door. I’ve seen them many times in the past as they slowly travel down my driveway and descend upon my doorbell. I know what differentiates my faith from theirs and have learned stock answers to their statements that usually sends them packing in a matter of minutes.

But, this time it was different. When I opened the door I actually looked into the eyes of the middle-aged man who stood with a an open tract in his hands and saw not the enemy, but a man just like me. Maybe his car had broken down yesterday or perhaps he and his wife had had words that morning. I didn’t know. But I was compelled somehow to shake his hand and invite him in.

I had been thinking about the following story. A schoolteacher decided to travel across America and see the sights she had taught about. Traveling alone in a truck with camper in tow, she launched out. One afternoon a water pump blew on her truck. She was tired, exasperated, scared, and alone. No one seemed interested in helping. Leaning up against the trailer, she prayed, “Please God, send me an angel, preferably one with mechanical experience.”

Within four minutes, a huge Harley drove up, ridden by an enormous man sporting long, black hair, a beard and tattooed arms. He jumped off and went to work on the truck. Within another few minutes, he flagged down a larger truck, attached a tow chain to the frame of the disabled Chevy, and whisked the whole 56-foot rig off the freeway onto a side street, where he calmly continued to work on the water pump.

The intimidated schoolteacher was too dumbfounded to talk. As he finished the task, she finally got up the courage to say, “Thanks so much.” Noticing her surprise, he looked her straight in the eye and mumbled, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” With that, he smiled, closed the hood of the truck, and straddled his Harley. With a wave, he was gone as fast as he had appeared. (Larry D. Wright)

Judging books by their covers has become a national pastime of sorts for many. We put people not like us into a box and then shut the cover. They’re never able to crawl out because we aren’t willing to open the doors of our hearts. God’s Word teaches us that prejudice such as this grows out of personal pride (Esther 5:5-6). We put ourselves over others not because of what we know but because of what we don’t know.

I spent a good half an hour talking with that Jehovah’s witness that day. We shared stories of middle age and life. I let him touch my faith that day believing that it would never be the stock answers that turned him to faith in Christ but that it would be the love of Christ itself working in me. An open box gives God more room to work than one we have closed."

I hope this story reminded you like it did me that loving is better than judging. God bless you!


Kimberly said...


I have my own Harley D00d story similar to the one you shared.

When I had my motorcycle accident on Mother's Day this year my husband and I were basically stranded. A woman pulled up in her ginormous pickup truck to see if we needed help. She went to her home no far away to get some things needed. In the meantime, two hurkin Harley d00d were riding by... my husband flagged them down. They stopped to investigate. One had "Hell's Angels" on the back of his leathers. The other had something similar. They agreed to wait until the gal got back and help get my 650 lb Harley up into the pickup truck. I was in total AWE at how God used those people to help us. Those hurkin sized men rolled my motorcycle up into that truck like it was a tiny bicycle. It looked as if it glided up in there. The one with the moniker of Hell's Angels looked at us and said "See, we're not so bad". The gal drove me and my bike 30 miles to my home. We are still in contact today.

God's Girl said...

Loving is better than judging. Thank you for an inspiring story.

Bless you for loving Jesus and sharing your love with others!