Saturday, May 17, 2008

Barbies or snakes?

Pretty in Pink ... crowns, gowns, sceptors, and all the royal trimmings, just what a little girl (and us big girls) want, right? Well, maybe. But I believe there is so much more.

Today, as I was watching television with my nine-year-old daughter, a commercial showcasing a new pink, frilly, Barbie bike lit up the screen in all its pastel glory. And get this, in addition to the lifesize bike, the purchase includes a mini-bike that seats Barbie herself. That's right! Your little princess can ride into the sunset (or cul-de-sac) with Barbie and her little bike attached to the handle bars.

Certainly, part of every woman's dream is reigning as royalty, but there's so much more to our royal heritage as Christian women. We are destined to discover exciting adventures and grueling battles along the way. After all, little girls are not all "sugar and spice and everything nice" they are also full of spunk and more than a hint of toughness.

This commercial reminded me of several years ago. My own daughter came riding up to me on her pretty bike, ponytails flounching in the wind. She enthusiastically, peddled up to my car (I know, major safety issue) as I was driving into the neighborhood. I stopped the car see what my little darling had in her hand, and, much to my surprise (horror), she eagerly thrust a dead snake in my face. There were no barbies in sight.

She then grasped the dangling reptile's jaws and proceeded to make the poor thing "talk." Trust me that snake wasn't saying much!

"Get that thing out of here!" I screeched.

Without further ado, she tossed the lifeless serpent over her handle bars and rode away, ponytails once again bouncing and her little friend swinging side to side. Eweeeeee! Ick! Ug! Gross!

Later, when I found her and a girlfriend playing catch ... with the snake, I put my food down and gave it a proper burial.

What an amazing illustration of what we are to do with the devil (not the playing with him or pushing him in someone's face parts) but the discard him, throw him aside, toss him away, bury him concepts.

My point, once again, is we are Princess Warriors not simply docil dames daintily picking dandelions daily (Yikes! where did that come from?) Sometimes we have to get our hands dirty and fight that serpent of old that tempts and torments us. Certainly, God has ordained that men are the spiritual leaders and protectors in the family and church, but the Bible clearly admonishes us (all of us) to be watchful for the devil who is like a lurking lion seeking to devour -- us. God tells every believer to fight the good fight of faith and to put on the armor of God. That means us girls, too.

Not to mention, maybe you like me are the head of your household. Not by choice, but you are. In today's world, right or wrong, many women are thrust in the postion of leading and protecting their families. Even married women, are to stand beside their husbands, encouraging, supporting, praying, thus warring against the enemy. Whether you are single or married, adventure and challenge awaits.

Granted, life can be painful beyond belief, yet we must continue to raise the Sword of the Spirit and move forward one step and one prayer at a time. Even though the sword, at times, seems too heavy to lift, and taking that step feels like walking through quicksand, and prayer seems empty ... we still gotta do those things.

I guess I needed to hear myself say those words. Sometimes, I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. I have to speak God's truth and be continually reminded of who I am in Christ. Sitting at my computer desk, in 90-plus degree weather, with my hair flat, no make up, and wearing a not-so-attractive tank top, I definitely don't feel like a princess or a warrior. However, girls, we gotta remember, today and everyday, how we feel isn't always TRUTH.

I want to challenge all of you. Please send a comment in response to this post declaring a biblical truth about who you are in Christ. Let's proclaim our King's goodness and grace, thus sharing His hope for a better tomorrow. Let's lift each other up. Amen!

Let's stomp on that darn snake!

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Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

AMEN!!!!!!! Carol, I am so glad I stopped by today! I love your blog! Love your heart for the Lord. The pics are great.

I blogged about you today!