Monday, May 12, 2008

Losing a battle ... but winning the war

This evening, my son, a 15-year-old Sophmore, who is the catcher for his high school's JV baseball team, had a final battle. Okay, okay, so it was a baseball game, but when you're the undefeated team it truly does turn into a battle.

The other team, eager to be the only one to crush our winning streak, was on a serious mission. Our team, on the other hand, started off with different players playing (coach wanted everyone to play) in different positions than the norm. After all, we'd clobbered this team twice already this season. Were the players a little cocky? maybe. Although, last year, we'd lost our final game so most of us knew to not count on anything.

I won't give you a play by play, but I'll say we were down, then we battled back with our bats to within one point, and then our opponent pulled a really cheap shot. I'm not kidding. Cheap shot ...Pretending to have overthrown the ball into the outfield, our second base runner took off in a full sprint for third base.

This kid is like Speed Racer on feet, too. In amazement, we watched as the short stop revealed the ball that he'd hidden and he bombed it to third. "You're out!" The ump roared.

As the other team celebrated their sneeky success with victory hoots and hollars, our team, heads hanging, tromped to the dugout. We the parents stood with our mouths to the ground wondering where in the world that devious play came from. We'd just lost our perfect record due to some downright trickery by the other guys. Ouch!

Isn't that how our spiritual battles go? We're reigning real as priceless princesses and worthy warriors, winning victory after victory for our King, when all of a sudden, we step into a hidden pool of quicksand.

Our enemy is very good at creating traps that trip us up when we least expect it. He is ruthless. When we are down, he doesn't hesitate to give us a hard kick in the ribs. Lies, deceipt, masquerades of many types, are his specialty. Sometimes, like my son's team, we aren't expecting what he's about to dish out.

Ladies, I want remind you that everyday we face numerous battles -- some bigger and more difficult than others. Often times we win; other times we fail and fall short of victory. So often, later, when we review the battle we can clearly see where we missed the mark. We wonder how could we have been so blind? How? We were prepared, after all, weren't we?

Granted there are times when we have done our best and we simply don't win the prize, however, we can't stay down. There are more foes to face and additional battles to fight. Like the baseball team, there will be future games to play. Maybe, today, you like my son, are feeling dejected and depressed. Maybe you feel like you gave it your best shot and still came up short. I want to remind you that although we may lose a few battles along the way, ultimately, as daughters of the King of Kings, we will win the FINAL WAR. We are on the winning side!

No matter what happens in the present, we can rest in the knowledge that in the end ... we win! Our enemy will be banished and we will embrace our final victory in Christ.

Wow! I so need to remember this truth. Maybe you do, too.No matter what, dear sister, don't give up. For with God all things are truly possible. Just remember we win. We are fighters in an army destined for eternal victory. Let us live our lives boldly and confidently in light of this truth. Go on; keep marching. Don't give up. Don't give up. Don't give up!

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