Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loving Life

Ladies, my topic today may tug at your heart strings in some unexpected ways.

If you've been visiting my blog for any length of time, at some point you've likely heard (read!) me referring to Bethany House, a specialized maternity program for single, expectant, young ladies.

I've been on their Board, currently serve as their Outreach Coordinator and Spokesperson, Grant Writer, Fundraiser ... a number of overlapping positions. Life is important to me. I believe everyone is created in God's image and that He has a plan and purpose for all His creations. That of course includes you and I. I've also done a number of speaking events focused on this topic and have written several articles relating to the painful effects of abortion and God's amazing forgiveness.

Maybe you've experienced the horrors of abortion or know someone who has endured the pain of making a decision to end their baby's life. There's no comfortable way to talk about this subject. Unfortunately, it's a reality for more women that we can imagine, many professing Christians.

Sadly, many such women (and I was one of them) saw myself as an unforgivable failure. I somehow believed that abortion was the one sin that God simply could not or would not forgive. After becoming a Christian, my head understood that His grace covered everything, including abortion, but my heart said otherwise.

As Princess Warriors for Christ, it is imperative that those of us who have chosen abortion fully embrace God's forgiveness and love. For others, who have not made this tragic decision, you, too, can learn how to gently guide wounded women into the arms of the Savior.

Please click here to read my latest article - Tears to Triumph - on Campus Crusade for Christ's newest online magazine -- The Life.

Also, if you live in Oregon, on the evening of January 22, 2009, Rolling Hills Community Church is hosting a very special movie and pro-life event. A wide range of ministries will be on hand, including Bethany House. This is a family appropriate event. To learn more, visit:

Please consider this acronym for GRACE:

G: God

R: Redeems

A: Abortion

C: (with a) Compassionate

E: Embrace

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