Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bride of Christ

Wow! Has my life been busy. I have missed blogging more than I expected. I was at the Oregon Coast for the past several days. It was lovely. Even more lovely, though, were the two "beach weddings" that I had the honor of witnessing. I think because of the date 8/8/08 many couples decided to wed on that particular day.

As I struggled up the beach, dragging my chair, over-sized book bag (filled with heavy books) and a pile of wet towels, I was stunned to see a gorgeous bride, in a magnificent, traditional, wedding gown, gripping her father's arm at the top of the stairs leading to the beach.

On the beach, I could see a man, her groom, looking expectantly toward his betrothed. What made the procession even more interesting was the girl's father had his other hand occupied with a leash holding a regal white dog. This "dog" looked like a white wolf. This unusual entourage stopped me in my sandy tracks.

The early evening sunlight gave the ocean a mystical glowing appearance that only added to the intimate event. I stood respectfully and watched the father lead his bride and place her into the care of her future husband. Breathtaking. So breathtaking that everyone on that beach had stopped what they were doing and turned to observe this couple's wedding vows. It was if they couldn't keep their eyes of this pair. I know I couldn't.

So it will be someday when Christ returns for His bride -- the Church. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Every eye will rest upon this groom as He escorts His bride to her ultimate destiny. It will be one of the greatest events of one time, only equaled by the groom's holy birth, His tragic death on the Cross, and His Easter morning Resurrection. History will cease and new future will commence for those who belong to Him.

Remember precious princess warriors, no matter what is going on in your life in this moment, you King will come. He will carry you over the threshold into eternity. So do not despair; cling to the One that will never let go.

Be blessed as you go about your day and live your life one step and a prayer at a time.


God's Princess said...

Hello dear Princess Warrior. What a beautiful vision that you described on the beach! I simply can't wait until my Lord Jesus returns in the clouds and yes I will cling tenaciously to the one who will never let me go. Bless you Carol :-)

e-Mom said...

So nice to meet you! And thanks for stopping by Chrysalis to say hello.

Hugs 'n blessings,