Sunday, June 8, 2008

Palace Protocol

Blessings, Princess Warriors!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Sunday evening, I had the honor of sharing with a wonderful group of women at Freedom Foursquare Church in Portland, OR. I was the speaker for their annual Fancy Feast. Great event title! The topic ... Reigning Real as a Princess Warrior.

We had only a short amount of time to dive into this rather deep subject. I wanted to share a tiny piece of this teaching with you.

The theme of change flows through the Bible like a fast-flowing river, branching out and touching many lives. We read story after story of men and women, who following an encounter with the King of Kings, change, for the better. They put off the old and put on the new. As the Bible explains, we, as new believers, become new creations in Christ. Thank goodness! The old me was none to pretty or princess-like. I might have been considered a warrior, but I was fighting on the wrong side for the wrong things before my own personal encounter with Christ.

Let's break down the word "real" and discover some simple (but not always easy)steps for reigning real:

R emove false faces and mistaken masks
mpty your bag of burdens. (emotional junk)
dmit your mistakes (keep on confessing) "Tell on yourself"
et go of false beliefs about God and yourself

After ridding ourselves of the old by removing, emptying, admitting, and letting go of, we can now ...

R adiate His glory
njoy life, even while enduring
dmire God
avishly love

Let's do life God's Way today -- the real way.

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