Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Princess of the Day

I find it amazing that so many women yearn for a title of royalty. To be a princess ... is the one dream most girls share at some point in their young lives. Tiaras. Glittery gowns. Glass slippers. Shiny scepters. Sharp swords. Wait a minute! Sharp swords and sabers... not something most princess-dreams include. Yet for us, as daughters of the King of Kings, a sword is one accessory never to be left behind. In fact, God's Word, also known as the Sword of the Spirit, is more than an accessory, it's the the one thing we dare not leave home without. It's our foundation, our King's love letters to us, our guide book, our history, our plan, our future, and our hope.

Consider for a moment: The Bible -- a book made up of 66 individual books, written over a 1,500 year span of time, by at least 40 different authors, on 3 different continents, in 3 different languages, with no proven historical errors or discrepancies, all with the same theme. The theme: We mess up (sin over and over), God pursues us and loves us and ultimately forgives us ... again and again. What are the odds of this happening?

That's right, go to the library, find 66 books, by 40 different authors (the majority who'd never even met one another), in 3 different languages, written on 3 different continents, without any historical errors or discrepancies, and put it all together. Would it make any sense? Have the same underlying theme throughout? Of course not! Apart from the inspiration of a holy God this would have been impossible. Period. Then consider the opposition the Bible faced throughout the centuries. How many rulers attempted to wipe out its message once and for all. Yet, somehow, it has managed to stay the best selling book of all time. Its message has continued to spread despite relentless persecution.

Understanding the power of the Bible -- the Sword we wield -- is imperative in our quest to reign real as Princess Warriors for Christ.

This past weekend, I spoke at a women's conference on the Oregon Coast. Coos Bay to be exact. Wow! What a wonderful group of women. I attended the event planners' home church on Sunday morning, and Pastor Phil shared those amazing facts about the Bible. I was once again reminded of the compelling evidence that God has provided about His existence and His plan for our lives. If that wasn't enough, I was treated to His incredible creation everywhere I turned ...

A beautiful, scenic beach cove where we spent Saturday afternoon was evidence of His creativity. The "barking" sea lions lounging on the cliffs certainly showed off His sense of humor. The baby lion I cuddled and the little leopard that sat on my lap were two additional examples of his marvelous mind at work. The wonderful men and women who embraced my daughter and I were perfect examples of His love, grace, and kindness.

Yes, this past weekend, I felt like the "Princess of the Day." How could I not? And God is so good and gracious that my daughter felt like a treasured princess too. And the conference participants also expressed how God had personally touched them with His love.

That's right! We can all be Princesses and warriors at the same time. There are more than enough crowns and swords to go around. In God's Kingdom, we can all reign real and share in His glory. There's no need to fight amongst ourselves when we belong to such a generous Ruler. We can better spend our time celebrating our freedom and encouraging other wounded women to join us.

So often, we are pressed in by troubles on every side. The Bible tells us we will experience troubles, trials, and multiple tribulations. HOWEVER, with God, all things are possible. We can overcome and rise above the most terrible circumstances if we keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. In Him, we truly can reign real and reap the rewards God has for us. Go on, be who He's called you to be. Be a Princess Warrior ... today, tomorrow -- always.

PS. Please pray for a little girl. I don't know her name, but a coworker of mine is donating his photography talents at her special party. Apparently, she is just four years old and facing imminent death due to cancer. She is having a "Princess Prom." I believe strongly that we are supposed to pray for her. God can and does heal. I'd like to ask Him for this precious princess' complete healing. Won't you join me? I'm also praying that she experiences the best Princess Prom any little girl could possibly have. Amen.

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