Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow!

Friends, the countdown to our Savior's birth has begun. In a few short days, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus.

It is so easy to take His birth for granted. We've heard the story a million and one times, and for many of us (I'm guilty, too) we get pretty comfortable hearing it. We tend to forget just how miraculous of an event His birth truly was. His birth, subsequent death and resurrection marked the beginning of a whole new age. For the first time in history, every person, gentile and Jew alike, could approach God with a freedom and confidence found only in relationship with Christ. Every man, woman, and child became worthy, because of Jesus, to become part of a new family, a royal priesthood, a holy nation -- a new generation of believers.

Christmas is the ultimate birthday celebration, offering hope for the future and forgiveness for our past mistakes. As we countdown the days to His birth, let us remember that Christ is who makes it possible for us to reign real as His princess warriors. Who we are, is all about Who He is.

As I sit at my computer, a snow storm is raging outside my window. The fury of nature pounds and screeches just beyond the walls of our home. Thankfully, we are protected from the freezing temperatures and icy landscape.

This sight reminds me that in Christ we are surrounded by His love and protection. We are safe from a howling, harassing devil who would like nothing better than to destroy us. Just as I am safe from the storm in my home, we are all safe from satan when we are covered by Christ. Have you wrapped yourself tight in His love, power, and protection? Do you take as much time preparing to use the Sword of His Spirit -- His Word -- as you do planning for the Big Freeze?

There is no better time than right now to cozy up with Christ, basking in His glory, and reading His love letters to the world -- to us. Imagine yourself trudging through huge snow drifts in subzero temperatures, with an icy wind clawing at your face. Brrrrrrr.....

Now picture a warm light in the distance. As you draw closer, that light becomes a man. A man with his arms open and waiting to wrap you in heated blanket. You would be foolish not to run into those waiting arms.

So? What are you waiting for? Run, sisters, run! Wrap up in Jesus right now. Pour youself a cup of steaming cocoa or coffee and open your Bible. Re-read the Christmas Story with new appreciation. That little babe in the manger came to rescue us from the chills of life and the fires of hell. And all He wants for His birthday is our love and acceptance of His open arms. Receiving His gift is the greatest gift of all. Let us remember to unwrap it every day. Amen!

Please watch the above video for a reminder of God's Greatest Gift -- Jesus Christ.


Kimberly said...

Amen, Praise GOD!

bb1983 said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am honored by your kind words. I experienced a 'God moment' this AM and just wrote about it-I encourage you to revisit lest you think I am a bit self-absorbed. I am enjoying your writing as well. May all the blessings of Christ be yours this Christmas! God bless you!